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KimberCo Recruiting, Ltd. represents high-level attorneys and law firms of all sizes. We offer superior, individualized service to our attorney candidates and law firm clients.  We look forward to helping you tell your story.

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. . . let us tell your story. We tailor our comprehensive service to suit your recruiting needs and career goals. We offer three types of firm searches: contingent, retained, and for more customized service, we are rolling out an alternative model that focuses on cost efficiency and targeted searches.  We are committed to personalized representation -- with every service we provide to you, either as a client firm or as a candidate, we guarantee high-level access to ensure high quality results.

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Contingent Searches


We are available to our clients on a contingent basis, which provides minimum risk, yet maximum flexibility and maximum results. When working on a contingent search for a firm, we strive to match your needs for growth with high caliber candidates. These types of searches cater to the firm or the search that is less urgent, but will still yield positive results. Under this arrangement, our firm is entitled to payment only upon successful placement of a candidate with your firm.

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Retained/Exclusive Searches


When your needs are focused and time-sensitive, we offer an exclusive search option that provides focused and premium results. Your firm pays an upfront fee that is then deducted from KimberCo's first placement with your firm. This arrangement affords top rate and exclusive focus on your firm's needs. We pride ourselves on becoming experts on your firm, honing on your exact needs and bringing you top-level candidates.


Alternative Fee Arrangement


Whether it is for our clients or candidates, it is our priority to know your story -- to become experts on you.  We are proud to present an alternative recruiting arrangement that has proven very successful. Combining an hourly fee plus a relatively modest placement bonus for targeted searches allows us to not only provide you quick and cost efficient results, but individualized and customized recruiting services that goes above and beyond.  When you bring us on board with a targeted search, you get more than experienced recruiters. You receive prompt, diligent, and undivided attention.  Because we come to know you so well, you can trust us to tell your story with sincerity and integrity.

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Stories leave lasting impressions.  Stories change lives.  What do you want your story to be?

Our story at KimberCo Recruiting starts with a passion for hearing your story and helping you change it AND make it an even better one. A person's career often defines them and their whole life, and being even a small part of that story is the most gratifying part of what we do. That IS our story.

We assist law firms of all sizes in identifying, qualifying and hiring the best and brightest talent available to fill their critical positions. KimberCo strives to develop long-term relationships with clients and candidates alike so that great matches can be made in a timely and efficient manner. Every law firm and every attorney has a unique story: past, present and unfolding. We make these stories known, and in so doing, support the best of what happens with change.

KimberCo Recruiting stands for integrity, professionalism, and superior results. We understand the nuances of recruiting at the highest levels and the delicacy with which lateral placements must be dealt. Working efficiently, yet thoroughly, and using our connections and access to the best firms and candidates provides the peace of mind that we won’t miss a step. Appreciating and fully understanding every aspect of lateral recruiting affords our clients and candidates the best results. And, in an industry where reputation and confidentiality are everything, we vow to work discreetly on your behalf at a time when it counts the most.

You do what you do best, and we do what we do best. We dedicate our time and resources to every detail of the process so that you don’t miss a beat and can continue doing what you do best. We ensure that clients and candidates alike experience the most seamless transition possible in a process that can be intimidating, tedious, and time-consuming.


Get in touch to learn more about how we can help. Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you

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