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Hear what candidates, clients, and other recruiters have to say about where our stories intersect.


"Kimber Williams is a hand-on, creative, agile recruiter specialized in the tri-county area (LA, OC, and San Diego) who seeks to delight her customers.  I have worked with Kimber in filling two positions that required hours of field work and taking the time to understand the needs of the client. She did it with the utmost professionalism and efficiency looking after both the interests of the client as well as the candidates."  

General Counsel; Fortune 100 Company

"Kimber contacted me about an opportunity that seemed like an excellent fit, and it was a pleasure to work with her through the entire process, from initial introduction through accepting an offer. She was extremely professional and responsive and shared a wealth of helpful knowledge and insight about the team and firm. She is a top notch recruiter, and I’m happy to highly recommend her to any lawyer looking for a new position, or any firm or company looking for talent."

Counsel; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber was such a great asset during my job search.  I would highly recommend her to others.  She went above and beyond in coordinating the interview process and making sure I received the best offer possible.  She even put me in touch with other placements, and I was able to speak with them and gain valuable insight.  Thank you for all of your help, Kimber!"

Counsel; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"A friend of mine once described making the jump from BigLaw to in-house as a “leap of faith,” and I couldn't agree more. However, if you are going to make such a leap, you want Kimber by your side. Kimber connected with me via email to present an in-house opportunity that had not yet hit the market. I was actively looking, but as I expressed to Kimber, I would need the perfect landing spot in order for me to take this leap.


Kimber and I quickly connected over the phone to discuss everything about the role. Once in agreement that this was worth exploring, Kimber reviewed my materials, prepped me for my interview, and kept me apprised of status updates each step of the way. I was fortunate to receive an offer, and I was able to accept with confidence as I had worked closely with Kimber to leave no stone unturned in assessing whether this was the right gig to take.


Fast forward to now, and I could not be happier with how this all turned out. Many thanks to Kimber for making this connection!"

Legal Counsel; placed at Fortune100 Company

"I found that Kimber was extremely responsive, well-prepared, and prepared me well for this new opportunity — even when we were thrown a curve ball. I have never felt so supported by any other recruiter I’ve worked with and appreciated all the time she took to prepare me for interviews over phone and her attention to detail when reviewing my writing sample and resume. I would recommend Kimber to anyone."

Immigration Associate; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber is an invaluable asset to any law firm looking for a superstar recruiter.  Kimber takes the time to get to know the firm, the stakeholders, and the nuances of the specific hiring need. She has placed several attorneys for us in the US and Asia.   She consistently delivers homerun candidates in record time. 


I can always count on Kimber for keen insight on the lateral market.  She is someone with the highest integrity and has become a true partner in our search efforts."

National Recruiting Director; AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber is an excellent recruiter who always seems to provide results when we need it.  We have given her needle-in-the-haystack type searches, and she tackles them with enthusiasm and success. 


She is a pleasure to work with, responsive to emails and questions, and flexible on business terms.  I highly recommend her!"

Senior Director; AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber was instrumental in me landing my new job. She reached out to me on LinkedIn with a perfect job opportunity.  Kimber shepherded me through the interview process on an expedited basis and provided valuable advice after the law firm made me an offer. 


I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Kimber."

Associate General Counsel; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

“Having worked with a number of different recruiters, I can confidently say that Kimber is a cut above the rest. She reviewed and made suggestions about my materials, connected me with my [now] firm immediately, and helped coordinate my ongoing negotiations with the firm.

After I had agreed to move, Kimber kept in contact to make sure that my transition was going smoothly and that I was settling in well. As someone who had never switched firms before, I had no idea what to expect, but Kimber made me feel like she was with me every step of the way.”

Associate; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"I have never worked with a better recruiting professional than Kimber. She is responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and has strong relationships with a variety of firms throughout Southern California.

As an attorney, there is no higher compliment than having a client of yours refer another client to you. I have referred, and will continue to refer, attorney contacts of mine looking for a change or simply seeking to understand the current market for their services."

Partner; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"Thanks to Kimber reaching out to me, I learned of (and landed!) a dream job I did not know existed.  She was professional, responsive and a trusted ambassador for me throughout the time we worked together. I highly recommend her."

Counsel; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber is an exceptional recruiter who truly cares for her candidates and clients. I had given up on using a recruiter after experiencing several who failed to follow through or keep in contact with me. Unlike other recruiters, Kimber followed through with every potential employer and kept me up to date with her progress; she even sought out alternative employers that were suited to my goals and desires. She also took the time to thoroughly prep me for my interviews and give me the background I needed to walk in confident.

I owe Kimber a debt of gratitude and would not hesitate to seek her advice in the future or recommend her services to others."

Patent Associate; placed at Top 30 AmLaw Firm

"Kimber contacted me about an opportunity to lateral to another firm, and the position was exactly what I wanted. She answered all of my questions before I made the decision to apply, kept everything strictly confidential, and facilitated negotiations on the offer.

Even though I had not enlisted Kimber (or anyone else) for a job search, I am so glad she contacted me!"

Counsel; placed at AmLaw100 Firm

"Kimber is a talented, highly ethical recruiting professional with a huge number of contacts and thorough understanding of the realities of today's legal market. She is very passionate about providing the optimal talent match that meets the needs of both the client and the candidate.

Kimber consistently takes a consultative approach and carefully listens to her clients and candidates to fully understand their needs and the challenges that they face. As a result, she ensures that the full hiring cycle goes smoothly with no surprises. She also has a winning personality and a good sense of humor that makes her a pleasure to work with. I have the utmost respect for Kimber personally and professionally and recommend her without any hesitation."

Tim Dunivin, Executive Recruiter

"Prior to opening KimberCo Recruiting, Kimber Williams and I were colleagues at a Southern California legal search firm. I had joined the firm after 14 years as a sole-proprietor, so one can calculate the immense number of people with whom I have worked, in one capacity or another. Kimber immediately impressed me with her excellent listening skills -- the first sign of a great recruiter. She was engaging and well spoken, knowledgeable and highly organized, including a tremendous ability to prioritize her work. Kimber behaved like an entrepreneur, welcoming every opportunity to develop her client and candidate relationships.

Kimber just shines, and our collaboration is always an absolute joy. When our office closed, I strongly recommended Kimber start her own search firm, and I salute her in doing so. I offer my recommendation of KimberCo Recruiting, without reservation."

Susan Johnson, Executive Recruiter

"Kimber is one of those unique individuals who doesn’t come along too often, and I immediately recognized her potential and promise. What impressed me the most about Kimber was her ethics and integrity! She always did the right thing with everyone she worked with as a client or a co-worker.

She is a tremendous talent and one of the brightest young Executive Legal Recruiters I have had the privilege of training. She has a bright future ahead of her and she will excel and succeed in anything that she does."

Tim Morrissey, Executive Recruiter

"It is a great honor and privilege to provide this recommendation for Kimber Williams. Kimber's strong work ethic, competitive spirit, and laser-focus approach enable her to produce impactful and measureable results for her clients and candidates alike.

She is self-motivated and self-aware, always striving for self-improvement in order to continue providing value to her expansive network. What is most distinguishing about Kimber, however, is her altruistic and socially-conscious attitude as exemplified by her professional and personal contributions to society."

Jaimie Ochs, Executive Recruiter

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